At Dream Team Prosthetics we get our inspiration from our patients. We provide a very small part of their success with utilizing prosthetic technology in their daily lives. The commitment and determination of our patients are what leads to a more successful outcome. Here you will find some of the incredible patient stories that continue to inspire and motivate other individuals with limb loss.


US Marine Cpl Joshua Langston-White - Crystal River, FL

Josh (left) and Chad (right) in front of our building showing his new prosthetics.

 Joshua Langston-White joined the US Marine Corps two years after high school, and served as an Infantryman with 1st Battalion, 1st Marines. On August 10, 2012, while on his first deployment in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, Josh was injured by an improvised explosive device (IED); causing the amputation of both legs above the knees. 

Josh returned to the United States to recover at Walter Reed in Washington DC. While he made great progress with his initial recovery, he still faced daily life challenges living with bilateral above knee limb loss. Walking up and down stairs, stepping off of a curb, walking down ramps are all things we take for granted but are a huge challenge for individuals that have lost both legs above the knees. 

"Josh first came to me for his prosthetic care in 2014. I have been fortunate to work with many wounded service members and designing a custom socket interface that they can use for extended periods of time is what I focus on. With blast injuries, I have to take into account how the surgery was performed on the limbs to address very unique fitting challenges," said Chad Simpson, BS, BOCP, LP, Dream Team Prosthetics Clinical Director. 

Trial fitting of the diagnostic test sockets to make changes prior to creating the definitive sockets.

We recently fit Josh with a new pair of custom designed prosthetics that incorporate the Ottobock Genium X3 microprocessor knee system. This technology provides very consistent hydraulic yielding that is reliable; allowing Josh to walk down the ramp in a very controlled manner or step off curbs and even drive an unmodified vehicle!

"The socket has to be customized to incorporate all of the irregular areas of the residual limb to insure there is global contact throughout. With Josh being so active as a full time prosthetics user, he will wear his prosthetics 10-14 or more hours a day, so comfort is a priority. Then add in the hot and humid climate of Florida and that presents me with a lot of challenges that we need to overcome. The first pair of sockets I made for Josh were in early 2014, and since then he has not used a wheelchair once. So it has been almost five years that Josh has been in the same sockets and that tells me how committed Josh is to maintaining a consistent volume in order to go that long without any issues," said Simpson.

Josh is a very motivated individual. He enjoys many activities including playing golf and bowling. However, these days, he is focused on working and supporting his family. His wife Brittni gave birth to their first child, Parker, who was born in December 2017!

We are honored to have the opportunity to work with wounded service members and provide them with the exceptional prosthetic care they so deserve. This is another reason why we developed our Bilateral Life Camp workshop, to focus on the very unique aspects of regaining function and mobility with bilateral above knee limb loss.

We remain committed to maintain the highest level of care for all of our patients; which regularly involves partnerships with prosthetic manufacturers to help them understand the "real world" needs of prosthetic users and incorporate new functionality that will benefit them in daily life.

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