Marine Corporal Josh Langston-White, ret.
Crystal River, Florida
Bilateral Above Knee Amputee

"The sockets that Chad Simpson fit me with continue to allow me to focus on my life and not on my physical condition."

Colby Liston
Derby, Kansas
Bilateral Above Knee Amputee

"The care that I have received from Chad Simpson over the past 4+ years has always been top notch. He has always had my best interest in mind; he never took the quick and easy route, and has always done what is best for me. Not only does he give amazing care, he is also friendly and personable. Now whenever I have an appointment with him it feels like I’m talking to a friend rather than a healthcare provider."

Pierre Lucian
Atlanta, Georgia
Bilateral Above Knee Amputee

"Prior to meeting these guys I thought being a part time prosthetics user was the norm. Honestly it took me a while to get on the same page as them because I set my mind up that a wheelchair will be my life. Once I got on board I ditched the wheelchair and dedicated myself to be a full-time prosthetics user. I now can walk distance which I felt was impossible to walk. The best thing and the reason why I travel hundreds of miles (rather than go down the street to my local prosthetic company) to Dream Team Prosthetics is the way they align my sockets which allows me to walk down ramps, curbs, and walk fluidly. I highly suggest if you are a bilateral above knee amputee...GIVE THEM A TRY."

Alejandro Chamba
Queens, New York
Bilateral Above Knee Amputee

"In 2013 I became a bilateral above knee amputee from a car accident. I wanted to go back to my life before my accident. So I searched on the internet for other bilateral above knee amputees, and I found many. Some decided to give up and sit on a wheelchair for the rest of their lifes, others were walking, but using canes, crutches, or walkers, and they were walking part time only, and then I found many that were doing just great walking, running, driving without any assistant device, so that made me just happy. I knew that it was possible for me too. I started to talk with these amputees and I asked them what was the key of their success. They all had something in common, the greatest more experience prosthetist not only in USA but worldwide, as many of his patients come from many countries to the USA for him. His name is Chad Simpson. At that moment I knew that I had to do everything to go with him. After two years of fighting with my insurance I was finally approved to go to Duncan, Oklahoma and get my new set of sockets and prosthetics with Chad. When I got to his brand new clinic, Dream Team Prosthetics, I was treated like family even though I went to see Chad in Duncan, Oklahoma from Queens, New York, Chad and the rest of the staff members of the clinic made me feel like home. Chad fitted me perfectly with my new direct skin fit sockets and C-leg 4 knees. He was very patience and answered every question I had in mind. I could see why he is the best prosthetist in the world, now I'm walking on my new sockets that feel like a part of my body. Thank you Chad Simpson for being the best for us bilateral above knee amputees."

Mark Ormrod, British Royal Marine Commando, ret.
Plymouth, England, UK
Bilateral Above Knee / Above Elbow Amputee

"As a tri-lateral amputee (both legs above the knee, right arm above the elbow) life can be pretty challenging especially trying to hold down a job and raise three children & those challenges can be made that bit more difficult if you are confined to a wheelchair but thankfully thats not the case for me thanks to Dream Team Prosthetics and the incredible dedication & expert craftsmanship of Head Prosthetist Chad Simpson. I'll keep my review short as I really want people to read it and take note but in essence since being treated by Chad and trained/mentored by the rest of the guys at Dream Team Prosthetics I am now a full time prosthetic user, an athlete, I have a full time job, I take zero medication, there are no adaptations in my home & no adaptations in my car. Because of the help they have given me I am fully independent and LOVING LIFE. The guys at Dream Team Prosthetics go way beyond just making you sockets and sending you on your way, but even if that was all that they did do, it would still have changed my life for the better. Oh and one more thing, I travel all the way from the UK just to get Chad to make my sockets. Thank you Chad, thank you Dream Team Prosthetics."

Seth Alexander
Schell City, Missouri
Bilateral Above Knee Amputee

"I struggled to achieve a successful socket fit with the first two prosthetists that I saw. I wanted to maintain a high level of activity playing sports and running, but my sockets always held me back, causing me skin breakdown. I now trust my prosthetic care to Chad Simpson and Dream Team Prosthetics. I can run in 5K and 10K events without ever having to stop and adjust my sockets."

Capt. Jon White, British Royal Marine Commando, ret.
Exeter, England, UK
Bilateral Above Knee / Above Elbow Amputee

"Chad Simpson and Randy Richardson are the too most competent prosthetic clinicians I have worked with over the past 7 years. I have particularly challenging residual limbs but high ambition and they have been able to deal with the former and support the latter. Not only are they exceptional at their role, they are also exceptional human beings, dedicated and caring! Thank you!"