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We specialize with designing custom solutions for individuals with limb loss, especially challenging limb conditions. Our expert staff has advanced clinical expertise for effectively treating individuals with bilateral above knee limb loss with our custom designed prosthetic solutions. The unique clinical knowledge and skills enable Dream Team Prosthetics to deliver exceptional prosthetic care to all amputation levels.

No matter what level of lower extremity limb loss, below knee, above knee or multiple limb amputation, our highly skilled clinical team is dedicated to developing a treatment plan that will help you navigate the fitting process as efficiently as possible. We welcome you to schedule a complimentary evaluation appointment with our prosthetic specialist to discuss what technology can benefit your specific situation.

Bilateral Life Camp Highlights Video

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Bilateral Life Camp

Dream Team Prosthetics innovated the Bilateral Life Camp experience! We organize a unique venue that brings together highly motivated individuals with bilateral above knee limb loss to learn how to improve mobility independence! Bilateral Life Camp is a three day event that challenges, motivates and inspires each participant to understand how to achieve a much higher level of function with bilateral above knee prosthetic solutions! read more...


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With so many different prosthetic components available, we are committed to evaluating new technology to determine the functionality and appropriate application. Prosthetics users find this information helpful to understand the capabilities.

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We offer complimentary consultations to discuss prosthetic options that would be most appropriate for you. Schedule an apointment today.

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Bilateral Above Knee Amputees

We have developed a unique treatment plan for bilateral above knee amputees. Explore the possibilities and amazing achievements of our patients.

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Latest Prosthetic Technology

New prosthetic technology is being developed all the time. Our pledge is to evaluate these developments and to share the information with our patients.

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Dream Team Prosthetics LLC is an independently owned and operated prosthetic care provider, delivering the highest standard of care to our patients. Our expert clinical team is highly skilled with more than 40 years combined experience in the prosthetics profession. We have a unique laser focus and passion for the development of advanced prosthetic systems and treatment protocols for individuals with bilateral above knee limb loss. We treat hundreds of bilateral above knee amputees from all across the world that seek our unmatched clinical expertise and highly successful treatment processes. Many of our patients are wounded service members that we are honored to have the opportunity to work with.

Our vast clinical knowledge includes developing innovative solutions for very challenging limb conditions and individuals that compete in various athletic endeavors. Our team stands ready to utilize our clinical skills to positively impact our patients lives with exceptional patient care, commitment and dedication.

Join our team today so we can help YOU  make your dreams a reality!