Bilateral Life Camp

Dream Team Prosthetics is committed to providing educational opportunities such as our Bilateral Life Camp, to help improve the lives of individuals with multiple lower extremity limb loss. This is the perfect opportunity for individuals with bilateral above knee limb loss to have exposure to a very unique approach to functional mobility independence. Those with bilateral above knee limb loss have a unique situation to overcome in order to have success with incorporating bilateral prosthetics into their daily lives. That is why we developed our specialized approach, to address this specific patient population. When all of the components and aspects of the bilateral prostheses are optimized for the individual, amazing results can be achieved.

Each person has a different set of goals that they would like to accomplish with using bilateral above knee prosthetics. Our goal is to help each person maximize their individual functionality and assist them in reaching their goals in the most efficient way possible.

The purpose of our annual Bilateral Life Camp is to bring together individuals that share similar limb loss in order to learn what is possible and to help them develop or enhance their skills as a bilateral above knee amputee. We developed this concept and we are committed to expanding our training camp each year, as we continue to have a positive impact on the lives of bilateral above knee amputees worldwide.

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Peer Mentors

Hayden Bailey enjoys driving any vehicle without using any adaptive devices or modifications.

Hayden Bailey - Illinois

Hayden lost both legs above the knees in 2013 due to a single car accident. Almost six months post injury, Hayden was living his life as a full-time prosthetic user utilizing "stubbies". As he built up his strength and endurance, many of his daily activities became much more efficient and even enjoyable as he fully incorporated his prosthetics into his daily life routine. 

Hayden is very thankful for the many bilateral above knee amputees that helped to encourage and inspire him to become a successful prosthetic user. Now it is his mission to "pay it forward" to as many bilateral above knee amputees as he can reach. Initially, he was told that his life would be greatly limited by his "disability", but what he discovered is that any limitations are self imposed. Anything is possible with excellent prosthetics and instruction combined with determination and commitment. 

Accomplishments: Driving without hand controls, shed hunting, hiking, running, 4-wheeling, working full-time as a union pipe-fitter (this was his job before he was injured)

Kyle Hannon utilized "stubbies" during his initial recovery, however, still uses them today for various activities.

Kyle Hannon - Virginia

In September 2014, Kyle was a railroad switchman at a steel mill when he was unexpectedly struck by a rail car while at work. The momentum dragged him under the rail car about 50 yards before coming to a stop. His extensive injuries would result in the amputation of both legs very high above the knees. 

Kyle was in great physical shape but learning to walk again would prove to be an extreme challenge. But his motivation would be his newly born daughter and he focused on getting out of the wheelchair as soon as possible. 

The added challenge of having very short residual limbs would make walking even more difficult. But with a unique approach to socket design, he would have the tools to begin the process of living his life as a full-time prosthetic user. Today, he has several different prosthetics that he uses for different activities. The microprocessor controlled knees are very functional for everyday challenges, but the "stubbies" are very handy for cutting and carrying tree branches around his home. 

Accomplishments: full-time prosthetics user, carrying his daughter, driving without hand controls, running, spending time on the lake

Seth Alexander

Seth Alexander - Oklahoma

Seth was 16 years old when he lost both legs above the knees in a tragic car accident. Seth was active in many high school sports which helped him to focus his strength and attitude towards utilizing bilateral above knee prosthetics. 

Seth is an ABC Certified Prosthetic Technician and helps fabricate advanced prosthetic technology at Dream Team Prosthetics. Seth left his wheelchair in April 2012 and became a full-time prosthetics user! He has shared his message of hope and inspiration at various public events and school assemblies. He is dedicated to making peer visits with other bilateral above knee amputees to help them navigate their physical challenge.

His passion is participating in long distance running events and enjoys working out in the gym at least three times a week. Seth will provide insight into a healthy lifestyle that can greatly benefit a full-time prosthetic user. 

Accomplishments: competing in half-marathons, driving without assistive devices, rock climbing, gym workout

*Bilateral Life Camp is ONLY for individuals with bilateral lower extremity limb loss and accompanying family members. It is not for prosthetists, therapists or other medical professionals as the scope of the daily sessions is designed for individuals with bilateral lower extremity limb loss. This event is not for individuals with bone anchored prosthetics.