An amputation is obviously a permanent condition. Incorporating a prosthesis into your daily life can become a very fulfilling, necessary and very beneficial in many ways. Some individuals with limb loss will utilize a prosthetic limb to enable them to return to work. Others will use the prosthesis to accomplish daily tasks such as going to the park with their children, shopping or just taking care of chores at home.

Prosthetic technology is always being refined and improved. With recent advancements in computers and miniaturization, many prosthetic devices now include some type of microprocessor control or interface. This has been most beneficial in the area of prosthetic knee systems. By applying computer control to a hydraulic knee system, the consistency of support and the fluid and natural movement has greatly improved the functional ability of an above knee amputees daily life.

Our commitment at Dream Team Prosthetics is always to stay informed about the latest advancements as well as to help improve prosthetic technology and future developments. It is important for you to maintain a secure and comfortable fit of the socket. Managing the volume of your residual limb by adjusting your body weight has been a very successful technique for many prosthetic users.

Regular follow-up care can insure that your prosthesis is functioning properly and we can evaluate any of the components of the prosthesis as well as the fit of the socket to prevent any issues from becoming problematic. New amputees should schedule an appointment about every six months. After you use a prosthesis regularly for at least one year, it is best to schedule a follow-up appointment annually to make sure everything is functioning properly. The most important thing to remember is if you are experiencing any issues with your prosthesis, do not hesitate to contact us immediately to help resolve the issue so you do not experience a major setback in your recovery.