Our 6,300 sq. ft. facility with on site full service fabrication lab. The surrounding campus includes multiple mobility training areas.

Dream Team Prosthetics is the result of the need to create an advanced prosthetics center focused on the specialized treatment of individuals with multiple limb amputations and challenging limb conditions. We listen to our patients and evaluate what is the most effective and expedient way to deliver patient care to the individuals that need our services.

We designed our 6,300 square foot state-of-the-art facility with full capabilities including our on site custom fabrication and design laboratory. This allows us to create your prosthesis with the utmost efficiency, using the highest quality standards making it much more convenient for you. We have specifically designed patient rooms for casting, fitting and gait training including adjustable parallel bars for new amputees.

With our unique focus on bilateral above knee amputees, we have incorporated many daily life situations that patients might face including ramps, hills, curbs and varying terrain, all within our campus. The goal is for our patients to incorporate their prosthesis into their daily lives. The more comfortable you are with using your prosthetic system, the more you will be able to accomplish in your daily life.

We welcome our patients to use our facility for their training with their prosthesis so that any adjustments that might be necessary can be made on site. We also have a multi-use conference center that can be configured for demonstrations, training presentations and education events. We work with numerous industry manufacturers to develop and improve prosthetic technology. Medical professionals can attend training and education workshops held throughout the year that will keep them up to date with the latest technology and developments. 

With our on campus mobility training areas, we meet the challenge to help our bilateral patients overcome the fear of navigating daily life situations. These individuals quickly realize that it is rare to have a completely flat surface to walk on in their daily lives. Therefore, we designed many different scenarios for patients to be able to improve their functional skills.