amputation_levels_guideInitially, a transparent, diagnostic socket will be fabricated to visually inspect the fit and contours of the residual limb inside of the socket. At this stage, adjustments will be made to accommodate any areas that may need to have better support or relief of areas that may have to much pressure.

Once the comfortable fit is achieved, the shape is locked in, and the fabrication process of the definitive prosthetic limb is initiated. We have a complete state of the art fabrication center onsite in order to expedite the fitting process.

All of the various components are then assembled and attached to the socket, next, the process of fine tuning each component begins. There maybe alignment adjustments that are necessary to optimize the prosthesis for the maximum functional capability.

You should begin to use the prosthesis for short periods of time. Limiting use to only a few hours a day until your limb adjusts to wearing the prosthesis is necessary in the beginning. Your physical therapist will advise you on exercises and an appropriate incremental wear schedule. You may also need an assistive device such as a walker, canes or crutches at first, until you can overcome any muscle weakness you may have. However, the more you use the prosthesis, the more you will gain confidence and trust with its function.

As you increase the time you are wearing the prosthesis each day, you will start to get used to it more and more. Soon, you will begin to understand the benefits of using the prosthesis as your mobility and independence improve during the first few months of use. Eventually, wearing the prosthesis should become a part of your daily routine that you incorporate into your life.

During the first year following an amputation, the volume and shape of the residual limb can continue to fluctuate as the amputation site matures. Managing these changes is very important in order to maintain a proper fit of the socket. If you feel that your limb has changed volume and the socket is not fitting securely, please contact us to schedule an appointment to evaluate the situation.