In 2010, Captain Jonathan William jonathan_white_standWhite was serving with the elite 40 Commando Royal Marines in Afghanistan. His unit was on patrol in Afghanistan when he detonated an IED, sustaining devastating injuries to his right arm and both legs, ultimately requiring all three to be amputated.

“I traveled to Oklahoma to be fit by Chad Simpson because of his clinical expertise and success with multiple limb amputees. My case was extremely challenging because I had extensive skin grafts on both legs. Chad fit me successfully, and I continue to see him for my prosthetic care to this day. My prosthetics enable me to enjoy playing with my children and to maintain a highly active public speaking and consulting career. I have traveled all across the world and I am proud to say that my prosthetics have given me the mobility I lost on the battle field,” recalls Captain White.

Captain White utilizes custom designed prosthetic sockets that are contoured and shaped to his remaining limbs. His leg prosthetics include the advanced microprocessor controlled X3 bionic knee system developed by Ottobock. The X3 has extended battery life of more than five days. It also features the OPG function for walking. This stands for Optimized Physiological Gate and makes walking much more natural and smooth. It is also more energy efficient and makes walking longer distances a lot more manageable. The knee systems adjust the hydraulic yielding 100 times per second while walking. The stability and consistent response are critical to a bilateral above knee prosthetic user, allowing them to manage their balance while navigating various daily situations. This includes ramps, curbs, steps and uneven terrain. The knee has multiple programmable modes that can be customized by the prosthetist for different activities. Captain White uses one of these customized modes to safely drive a vehicle without the need of any handicapped modifications. 

Captain White lives in the UK and travels to the United States for Chad to take care of his ongoing prosthetics needs. This is a life long relationship and they have developed a unique unbreakable bond. Captain White is dedicated to paying it forward and is committed to being a mentor by providing peer support for other multiple limb amputees. He is always looking for new challenges to help him improve his physical ability. Staying active is critical for a bilateral above knee amputee to maintain a comfortable socket fit. Captain White has enjoyed rock climbing, running and snowboarding; all while utilizing different prosthetic designs for each activity.